About our activity

We are the members of NPO Rokumaru.(Rokumaru means people around and above sixty). 
We launched the group, “Rokumaru Sensei(The Rokumaru teachers)”, in 2018 to utilize our past experiences and acquired skills.
Every year we hold an event to introduce our activities.
Recently, we are holding an event online.

Let’s have fun interacting with companions and enjoy a long life.

  • Enjoy brain training    (  Math  / English  /  Origami  )
  • Face and body training  ( Facial Yoga /  Make-up /  Laughter Yoga  The Smile Blooming Exercise )
  • Voice training by having fun with singing songs ( The Rokumaru chorus group )
  • Spine fitness to build healthy body ( Sebone Conditioning Association )
  • For people looking for a job ( Advisory )

We are streaming short lectures on YouTube every other Tuesdays.